Blueberry Slim Life - Yogi

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Here’s my last review for March (a bit late, as I’m posting it in April) — Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea!

The tea bags come individually wrapped, though they’re not foil-lined.  The dry tea bag smells like a combination of green tea and blueberry.  I made mine with only sugar and once steeped it had a sort of yellowy-caramel color.  It smelled subtly of blueberries.  The tea tasted most strongly of green tea and blueberry, not an unpleasant combination, though it wasn’t very strong.  Also, it left me with a strange coating in my mouth after every sip.  I don’t relish that feeling and it kind of turned me off to the whole experience. Overall I’d say this is an okay tea but it isn’t something that I’ll need to try again.

I wouldn’t really recommend this tea.  It was just okay and nothing about it stood out enough that I would encourage others to try it.


“Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life is specifically formulated to help give you the energy you need to maintain an active lifestyle while dieting.  We add Organic Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract in combination with Ginseng and Eleuthero Extracts to support stamina.  Light and sweet Blueberry flavor and hints of Organic Hibiscus make Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life a fragrant and delicious addition to a weight loss program of exercise and a balanced diet.”

Ingredients: ginseng and eleuthero root extracts (Asian ginseng, American ginseng and eleuthero); garcinia cambogia fruit extract; proprietary blend of herbs (organic green tea leaf, organic bilberry leaf, organic hibiscus flower, green tea leaf extract, stevia leaf, organic amla fruit (amalaki), organic belleric myrobalan fruit (bibhitaki), organic chebulic myrobalan fruit (haritaki));  natural orange flavor; natural blueberry flavor; natural licorice flavor

Rating: 3 tea leaves